European Seminar “ Intercultural Sensitivity is All Around”

The city of Zagreb was the host of the European Seminar focused on the intercultural competencies development of young people. For 7 days, between from 2 until 8 of October 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia, 35 youth workers, leaders and volunteers have been working together on partnership project seminar entitled ”Intercultural Sensitivity is all around”. The seminar was based on the developmental model of intercultural sensitivity s and the ways of its implementation into the youth work practice. Together with the European Way, the host organization from Croatia, participants came from nine other countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Republic of Macedonia, and Slovenia.

The overall aim of the seminar was to train youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, social workers, etc. on use of the Milton J. Bennett’s model in their work and everyday lives in order to improve their intercultural competencies to work with different target groups like: minorities, immigrants, Roma young people etc. Non-formal educational methods were shared together with tools and techniques on how they can support young people from different cultural background to be more tolerant, accept the differences and learn more from other cultures. The aim was also to inspire young people to create future new youth projects like youth exchanges, EVS, and training in order to improve intercultural competences of young people on European level according to the proposals of Erasmus +.

“The most important thing to remember is that everyone, no matter what their cultural background is, has different opinions, habits and ways of life. The sooner we accept the fact that everyone is different, the easier it becomes to understand and accept cultural differences.” – Teo Vuksan, President of European Way

– Teo Vuksan, President of European Way


Besides the teaching elements of the seminar, this project financed by Erasmus + programme, initiated a lot of future projects, on the European level, and gave the possibility for the future cooperations between participating countries to be accomplished. During this seminar, there were several project proposals that will be applied and will allow the Croatian youth to get more education and also personal and professional opportunities. That will also be a great opportunity to improve their youth work abilities using new tools and methods and implement project management skills gained withing this seminar.

Europski Seminar


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